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Build a giant fan with a 300 foot blade span.  Raise it up about 300 feet off the ground and the prevailing winds will spin the fan and generate electricity.  Nice idea!  But what happens when you raise that much mass and torque so far off the ground?    Maintenance happens- and you have to climb up 300 feet to fix it!   Nobody talks about that!

After 9-11, our Defense Department asked for help in finding innovative ways to combat terrorism.  One of the mission areas was Airport Screening.  InAmerica responded with a non-evasive, rational way to screen airline passengers.  Our idea was rejected by the government, but we believe it remains a far better alternative to current TSA practices.

The government bailouts have saved the bankers from their due punishment, but they have not learned their lesson.  The bankers flourish and homeowners live in the shadow of foreclosure.  InAmerica has a solution that gives immediate relief in the short term that allows the homeowner to keep his home.

What’s in a name?  Designer labels have had their day.  Now they even create add-on labels to include the budget buyers looking to be recognized by their designer accoutrements.  InAmerica has developed the ultimate brand by the elite, for the elite.

Los Angeles is the capital of the film industry- just as Rome was once the capital of its empire.  Rome fell because the empire got too big- ditto for the entertainment industry. InAmerica created a new brand that brings the entertainment industry into the 21st century. Zepper Pictures is a unit of Desperado Intellectual.

Desperado Intellectual merges creativity with all things intellectual to produce media products for the consuming public.

In 1996, outraged by the abduction of 9 year old Amber Hagerman in Arlington, TX, InAmerica designed a system to  combat our nation’s most horrific  crime.  As the problem worsen’s, InAmerica has stepped up its efforts to give parents a way to protect their children.

A rational, no-nonsense approach to providing real defense against potential terrorism within our borders while simultaneously putting a big dent in the unemployment numbers.  InAmerica provides the turnaround that its namesake desperately needs.

Why use 19th century technology to address a 21st century mass transit problem?  InAmerica has a solution that is relatively inexpensive, uses state of the art technology, and is scalable so that you don’t build the entire system before anyone can use it.

Ten percent unemployment and no relief in sight.  InAmerica has developed a franchise business that allows an unemployed person with entrepreneurial spirit to get into a business without capital or wallet busting education.

Everyone talks about immigration policy, but nothing gets done to make it any better.  InAmerica has developed a plan that will reform immigration law, provide a pathway to citizenship, and discourages aliens from sneaking into our country.

In this information age, the cyber-criminals possess an unfair advantage over mere mortals.  Viruses, worms, spam, phishing, and identity theft abound.  Three decades ago, InAmerica created the forerunner of today’s ubiquitous home-banking.  Now, it has created a personal angel for each of us, to do our bidding and protect us from cyber-harm.

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